The “Power Of New”.

There is something incredibly empowering about change, however many of us see change as this scary and intimidating beast, offering us a better future but at the same time threatening to wreak havoc with our lives in the process. We hear it day after day – no pain, no gain. While this is generally true for the big moments in life, there are lots of gains that you could make, which would barely make you wince. Professional sport has embraced the concept of “marginal gains” – that an accumulation of little improvements can make a big impact along the line. This is what I mean by the “Power Of New”.

How many of your work days blend into each other in a blur of “same old, same old” monotony? How many weekends are spent doing the usual things with the usual suspects. Yes, they might be your dearest family, but you are not necessarily doing yourself or them a favour by going for a walk in the same park every weekend.

When you do something new, even if it is the smallest deviation from your routine, your brain gets shaken out of its stupor. New neural pathways are created – you are literally “growing” a new experience in your life. The groove of your old routine will still be there, and, as the phrase goes, it will be easy to slip back into it, but the more new things that you do, the easier it will be to break free from the norm.

The same can be said for growing and developing in the workplace. Speaking to new people gives us a new perspective, acting in a different way in certain situations is certain to open new doors. Simply smiling at a certain person that you may not have acknowledged before might change their opinion of you, and, at a crucial moment, this could prove the difference between getting support in a meeting or being voted down.

If you remain the same, you can be sure that you future is as “set in stone” as it can be. That may be a good thing, but if you are not trying “new” things, you can be sure that you will not be fulfilling your potential. For me, that is the ultimate “Power Of New” – you push yourself in various directions, living by trial and error, understanding more about yourself and your abilities at every turn. Not everything will work out as you wish, but if you have the mentality of a seeker, your search will uncover more than enough revelations to make it worth it.

Not everyone understands the quest for something different. Lots of people find solace in routine and stability. In a competitive world of responsibility where every new day will bring new challenges, you can’t blame people for seeking to keep what they have.

However, if they were to “go with the flow” a little more and embrace whatever new experiences life brings their way, their futures might just be that little bit brighter.